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How to give your partner a wonderfully relaxing massage. Tip 4 Connecting with your Partner

Posted by on July 30, 2012
Connecting with the Client

Connecting with my client

Now you have your oil, the space has a relaxing ambiance, you have towels in place, your partner knows your intention; they are here to be pampered and taken care of. Ask them to lie face down and check that they are comfortable. Put one of your hands over their heart area, and the other over there small of their back. Close your eyes and breath deeply, connect with their breath. Imagine you are talking to your partner’s body, and informing the body that you are here to give this beautiful person a loving caring relaxing massage. You are stating your intent. You can ask for guidance from whatever greater source you believe in; God, the spirits, the universal source, ancestors, the elements. If you don’t believe in a greater source, you can ask your inner self for the guidance. Connect with your partner’s breath, and give yourself a couple of minutes to mimic your partner’s breathing. This all aids in you creating a conscious connection to your partner and makes for a more intuitive massage.

As a practitioner of lomilomi, I perform a prayer where I introduce myself to the inner body of my client and ask permission to massage the person, even though the client has already given me conscious permission to bodywork in that they are consenting to the massage. Then in keeping with Hawaiian beliefs, I call on their ancestors and my ancestors to help in the massage, and then I call the room by name to hold the space in love and joy and truth. This action is a very important part of the ritual of the Hawaiian Kahuna massage.


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