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How to give your partner a wonderfully relaxing massage. Tip 3 Avoid hurting yourself

Posted by on July 26, 2012

This is maybe a strange things to talk about when we are talking about you giving your partner a wonderfully relaxing massage. However, as the airline safety information says, you put your own oxygen mask on first, then on the person next to you. You can not give a caring, heart-felt massage when you are in pain. So warm your body up before you give the massage. Repetitive strain injures are very common in the massage world; shoulders, back, thumbs and wrists are all vulnerable. One of the reason I love doing Hawaiian Kahuna style of massage is that, as the practitioner, you move through your legs more than other forms of massage.

Stretching your wrists

So do some stretchers. Here are a few of  my favourite stretches. Remember, when you do your stretchers, do them slowly, and be aware of the part of your body your stretching. Listen to what it is saying. If the stretch is uncomfortable, reduce the pressure or even stop the stretch. A simple stretch for the wrists: arm out in front of you, let your hand droop and gently stretch the hand down, then lift your hand up and stretch the hand back. See pictures. Taking care of you lower back: A great stretch for your lower back, is to lay on the floor, lift your right knee up and slowly move it across your body and turn your head the opposite direction, this gives your back a marvellous stretch. Repeat on the other side.

Another part of taking care of your body, is where you are going to massage your partner. I personally don’t think the bed in the bedroom is the best place. It is very difficult to find a position that doesn’t put strain on your back. So, if your intention is to give relaxing, me-time to your partner, do the massage somewhere else. Wherever you choose, be aware of your body and, as you massage, if you feel a niggle of uncomfortable pressure in your body, change position or work on another part of the body. Ideally you use a massage table, adjusted at the correct height for you.  Remember, take care of you first, then you can properly take care of someone else.

My theory on massage is that you don’t do massage to get fit, you must be fit to do massage.

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