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How to give your partner a wonderfully relaxing massage. Tip 2 Preparing the Space

Posted by on July 26, 2012

To create that perfect massage ambiance, think about pampering all the senses. Remember you are boosting your loved ones health and happiness by giving them a massage so really go out of your way to make it special.

Have the room dimly light, with either low level lighting or candles. Candles are best if they are soya or bees wax, Pay attention to where and how the candles are manufactured as there can be a question about their toxicity. There are some cottage made candles that are environmentally friendly and non toxic. Have your candles in on a dish and away from curtains. You don’t want any nasty surprises will you are giving your relaxing massage.

Burn essential oils in an oil burner, keep away from fragment oils. When you chose an essential oil think what your partner likes in smells, do they like sweet or earthy smells. A couple of drops in with water in your oil burner. If you choose to use scented candles, again opt for the essential oil scented ones rather than the chemically smelling fragrant oil candles. If you don’t have an oil burner, spray the room with an essential oil air freshener. Again I’m not keen on the chemically air fresheners, my personal theory is we know what an essential oil does to our brain, because it is derived from nature, but we don’t really know what a chemical smell does. This is purely my preference, I feel our bodies have to cope with so many toxins and I aim to minimise it’s intake.

Music, I prefer music without words, that is flowing and rhythmic with sounds of nature. I use a CD that has Australian bird song and didgeridoos. When it’s raining outside I have simply massaged in the silence with the rain pattering in the back ground, this is truly a beautiful experience.

Make sure the room is warm and you have blankets, that are ok if they get oily, to cover the body, because as your partner relaxes their body temperature drops and you want to keep that warm cosy feeling throughout the massage. I make sure the room is warm and the massage table I use is heated, all in the effort to make sure the body feels comfortable, relaxed and safe.

It’s best to have everything ready and at hand. Nothing spoils a massage like when you have to leave the room to search for a blanket, because your partner is starting to feel uncomfortably cold.

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