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Hawaiian Mimi Break

Posted by on October 24, 2012

Enjoying a Hawaiian Mini BreakImagine having to work for 16 days straight without a break, and not being able to take time off for another 7 days. You would feel tired, and the more tired your body is the harder it is to have good quality sleep. This was the case with one of my patients. He owns his own business which is physically demanding, and landed a couple of large contracts at once. Plus, he had some of the members of his team let him down. He rang me and said he needed his “Hawaiian Mini Break”. He couldn’t afford the time off, but could put aside a couple of hours to come for his Hawaiian Kahuna massage. After the treatment he felt refreshed and invigorated, and that night he had one of the best sleeps he had in many months. That mini break allowed him to recharge and revitalise to tackle the next couple of days work and usual business stresses.

So if you know someone who says they don’t have the time to have a holiday, why not suggest that they have a Hawaiian Mini Break


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