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Training – Have an interest in learning

Interested in learning an ancient healing art form that soothes the body, heals the heart and fills the soul.
;by someone that has fully embodied this work for more than 12 years.

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage

Learning how to practice Hawaiian Kahuna is possible for anyone with the genuine desire and commitment to learn this unique technique.

Whether you’re a therapeutic practitioner wanting to add this technique to your existing services, or someone that just wants to develop a new skill of insight, the opportunity is now available to learn this sacred healing art form.

The Course Structure
The traditional 90-minute Hawaiian Kahuna treatment is taught in three stages, over three weekends.
Quality is very important in the practice of Hawaiian Kahuna, and this is reflected in the tutor to student ratio. Participants are trained in groups of four to six only, enabling close personal support throughout the students’ journey from trainee to practitioner.
It is optional how many stages are undertaken by the participant; those wishing to learn just how to massage a back, for example, may only require Stage One of the course. However to be endorsed as a certificated Hawaiian Kahuna practitioner, all of the following three stages plus a final assessment must be satisfactorily completed:

Stage One: Back Massage
• Receive, and learn how to give, the distinctive 30 minute Hawaiian Kahuna back Massage
• Learn how to use hands, forearms and body weight to create a long, flowing, continuous and beautiful strokes unique to this style of massage
• Understand working with the body at a whole new level of depth and connection
• Learn how to move with grace and ease
• Learn the “dance-of-life” of the ancient Hawaiians

Stage Two: Intermediate Body Massage
• Learn the next half hour of the treatment
• Learn how to finalise working the back of the body. Learn how to turn the body over, perform belly work and opening the chest area
• Learn more about showing respect to your client’s body
• Develop further the ability to travel around the body with grace and ease

Stage Three: The Complete System
• Learn the techniques involved in finishing the body.
. Learn to complete 90 minutes’Hawaiian Kahuna journey

Please note that training weekends are subject to change and can only commence when sufficient applications have been approved.

Hawaiian Kahuna massage