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Enthusiastic receiver of massages

Posted by on June 29, 2011

I have been an enthusiastic receiver of massages for many years. I have experienced traditional Swedish massages and also aromatherapy and have found them very helpful in enabling me to relax and forget the stresses of a high-pressure job and modern living.

When I came across Valerie’s web-site describing the Hawaiian Kahuna massage it sounded very interesting and a little different so I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed. To start with, I was warmly welcomed and made to feel
that Valerie really cared about the treatment I was about to receive and I felt that I could trust her to look after me. The surroundings were calm and peaceful and I was already starting to relax as I lay on the massage couch.

The massage differed from those that I had experienced previously in that she uses her hands, forearms and elbows in long, flowing strokes over the full length of the body. As a consequence I was much less aware of one particular part of my body being concentrated upon and felt as if the whole ‘me’ was being worked on. The result really has to be experienced to be understood.

When Valerie had finished working on me I felt soothed, pampered and relaxed. Perhaps most importantly this was not just a physical feeling. I felt mentally calm and at peace with myself and I think that this is the end result which Valerie works very hard to achieve. When I went to bed that night I slept the sleep of the just, free of all the tensions and concerns which can easily occupy the mind.

Other massage treatments I have received have been good but this was simply special and I will certainly be visiting Valerie regularly from now on.

Ian S

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