The latest massage style, out now from US of A…Goat Massage

Yes, actual live goat kids climbing over a farmers back. For me personally, I prefer to lay on something that is clean and not have to worry about the animals doing what they do in my hair. But the video is worth a watch.

I dont know about you but id love to have a goat massage what about you. NO!!

Let the kids involved in your massage

Let the kids involved in your massage


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Fish massages are the secret to sustainable caviar

I like this article, not only have the producers of caviar have found a sustainable way to gently extract the eggs from a female sturgeon rather than killing her, I think the journalists last comment. Funny article and shows you the power of a relaxing massage. Wonder if that happens to us as humans…. I have no doubt that it does. Stress is the biggest factor to infertility, so the moral of the article, want more eggs, find someone you trust for a relaxing massage. caviar-flickr-sparktography

fish massages are the secret to sustainable caviar

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Massage used in Australian schools to combat bulling

massage head

Enjoying a relaxing head massage


Massage is a therapy that spans many civilisations and has been widely used to develop socio and cultural development – it’s a method of achieving deeper empathic communication between us humans. We wonder, then when massage becomes rediscovered and we enjoy the connective aspect of the art. A heart-warming sign that massage can be integrative and a benefit to all aspects of society has been witnessed in Australian schools; they have introduced fifteen minute sessions where students are encouraged to massage each other’s heads and necks. They are aged between four and fifteen years of age and the progressive scheme is part of an overall anti-bullying program.
The power of touch emanates from sensory memories of our formative childhood – the first caring response from concerned parents was to rub a sore bump or stroke heads, shoulders and hands to soothe and calm our distress. When you touch someone in a caring and thoughtful manner we cannot help but feel a positive connection. The students are loving the experience and, so are the teachers. They have a relaxed and happy class of young people ready to connect and respect the staff as well as the topic.

I look forward to hearing about more schools that are willing to introduce this ancient art into an already crowded curriculum.

Read more


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PROVEN: Massage gives immediate and long-term health benefits

What is the one relaxing things that helps many health problems?

You guessed it …..massage.

More scientific proof from the Doctors Health Press Reports, that massage is the best way to reduce stress and anxiety which is the underlying cause of many illnesses.

The study has shown that the immediate benefits of massage, ranges from lowering blood pressure, improving the immune system thus preventing colds and promoting younger-looking skin.

They discuss that some of the  long term benefits of having regular massage is that people experience their muscle tightness reduced, have increased blood flow and have an over all feeling of well being.

They talk about the right massage can do wonders for a person. I feel it’s the right therapist that is more important. If you don’t feel comfortable or trust the therapist, no matter how amazing the type of massage they do, you will be guarding and protecting yourself. So I believe you need to call the therapist, that does a massage that interests you, have a chat and see how you feel about that person. Ask yourself, what was you first reaction, your gut reaction, listen to it. Did you feel they are the right one to take care of you, then make that booking and start feeling those immediate health benefits of massage.

Doctors Health Press Reports on Study Massage

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Infertility in women is helped by massage

beautiful pregnant bellyInfertility in women is helped by massage

Research shows that massage helps infertile in women. In supporting the woman’s body with stretching out muscles and ligaments and draining the lymphatic system have shown to give positive results.

Personally, I think the whole concept of receiving a massage that allows you to release stress and be given the opportunity to simply relax where someone takes care of you would be a rather large contributing factor as well. Read the article about the infertility study



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Scientists find the secert to massage…

Scientists at the Californian Institute of Technology have not only discovered that massage stimulates the feel good hormone, they are also going to create a pill you can take orally. But they have over looked all the other physical and psychological benefits of having a therapeutic massage; giving yourself time out, being cared for, getting a sense you are not alone etc.
Please, have a listen and tell me what you think…

Fox News Radio: Massage Science

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Massage helps the body heal from the common cold. Channel 4 tv article

This tv news article is wonderful, as the massage therapist explains how a regular massage supports the bodies natural ability to heal itself. By helping  with  lymph flow, which decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol, and increases lymphocytes which play major rule in defending the body against diseases, like the flu.

Also gives you techniques to do at home, you just need a pencil but if you want to be taken care of, you know who to contact.

Click on the link below to watch the Channel 4 interview of 2 massage therapists talking about the benefits and at home techniques you can do:

Massage Therapy Could Boost Immune System

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Mariah Carey demands Ali G DVD during massage


Imagine listening to rap / garage / hip hop music, ( this is the genre of music that I gather Ali G plays, I have to admit I had to look it up)  while you are there to enjoy your relaxing therapeutic massage. A little different from mine that consists of Australian bird song and the floating tunes of didgeridoos that soothes the mind and soul.

Also how fantastic to indulge in a  that goes for 8 hours, amazing, people comment that the 1 hour and half massage, 90 minutes, that I do is very long…

Oh to be a super star.



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Organic recyclable pull-up stand

The award winning team at Jenko Graphics have produced an organic bamboo pull-up stand. Perfect for businesses like myself that believes in supporting  the planet. It’s excellent quality and is solid, so I can re-skin the stand numerous times as the business’s marketing evolves. Also the quality of the panel skin is denser, note the silver backing sheet so the  panel is more flat making the message more viewable. As always, thank you to the Jenko team for supporting me in my vision.


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Massage eases many ills

Here is another article about the wonders of massage not only for your physical well been  but your mental happiness.   I f you can afford the time for a weekly massage, great go for it. Make sure you feel comfortable with the masseuse and they listen to your body needs, as they change daily not just weekly. However if you are a bit more time poor at least have a massage every month, like the moon cycle.

Anyway here is the link to the article, enjoy.

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