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Sharpen Your Axe

Posted by on April 10, 2012

Sharpen your Axe
My father must have been a great sage in a past life, he always has a tale to tell to remind me what is important in life and what I should focus on in business. He is one of those people that walk the talk so I know when he suggests something, it is part of his daily practice.
The “Sharpen your Axe” story, is one of his favourite.
The story is sent in a forest, of course. A young man and an old man are chopping trees down. The young man is amazed that the old man can cut down more trees than him. He is much younger and stronger and faster than the old man but at the end of each day the old man consistently cuts down more trees.
Each day the young man decides to cut faster and starts earlier and finishes later, he even chops through smoko (Australian slang for morning tea or afternoon tea) but still the old man chops more wood than he does.
Frustrated the young man finally asks the old man how can he chop more wood than him, he is up early, working hard and long hours, pushing himself to reach the targets. Where the old man seems to arrive early but not too early, works hard but has his brakes and cuts more wood. “What’s your secret?” asks the now desperate and exhausted young man.
The old man smiles and informs the young man that when he has his brakes he sharpens his axe.
As dad says, if you don’t take time to sharpen your axe you are kidding yourself as to how productive you are. Like many successful people, dad has a regular massage.  This is one of the ways he sharpens his axe to keep him relaxed and happy with life and allowing things to happen with greater ease.
What do you do to Sharpen your Axe?

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