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PROVEN: Massage gives immediate and long-term health benefits

Posted by on March 7, 2013

What is the one relaxing things that helps many health problems?

You guessed it …..massage.

More scientific proof from the Doctors Health Press Reports, that massage is the best way to reduce stress and anxiety which is the underlying cause of many illnesses.

The study has shown that the immediate benefits of massage, ranges from lowering blood pressure, improving the immune system thus preventing colds and promoting younger-looking skin.

They discuss that some of the  long term benefits of having regular massage is that people experience their muscle tightness reduced, have increased blood flow and have an over all feeling of well being.

They talk about the right massage can do wonders for a person. I feel it’s the right therapist that is more important. If you don’t feel comfortable or trust the therapist, no matter how amazing the type of massage they do, you will be guarding and protecting yourself. So I believe you need to call the therapist, that does a massage that interests you, have a chat and see how you feel about that person. Ask yourself, what was you first reaction, your gut reaction, listen to it. Did you feel they are the right one to take care of you, then make that booking and start feeling those immediate health benefits of massage.

Doctors Health Press Reports on Study Massage

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