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Massage used in Australian schools to combat bulling

Posted by on July 30, 2013
massage head

Enjoying a relaxing head massage


Massage is a therapy that spans many civilisations and has been widely used to develop socio and cultural development – it’s a method of achieving deeper empathic communication between us humans. We wonder, then when massage becomes rediscovered and we enjoy the connective aspect of the art. A heart-warming sign that massage can be integrative and a benefit to all aspects of society has been witnessed in Australian schools; they have introduced fifteen minute sessions where students are encouraged to massage each other’s heads and necks. They are aged between four and fifteen years of age and the progressive scheme is part of an overall anti-bullying program.
The power of touch emanates from sensory memories of our formative childhood – the first caring response from concerned parents was to rub a sore bump or stroke heads, shoulders and hands to soothe and calm our distress. When you touch someone in a caring and thoughtful manner we cannot help but feel a positive connection. The students are loving the experience and, so are the teachers. They have a relaxed and happy class of young people ready to connect and respect the staff as well as the topic.

I look forward to hearing about more schools that are willing to introduce this ancient art into an already crowded curriculum.

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