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How to give your partner a wonderfully relaxing massage. Tip 1: The massage oil

Posted by on June 26, 2012

People often ask me for tips on how to give a relaxing massage to their partner. Here is tip 1, which oil is best to use.

This information is drawn from my over 10 years worth of experience as a Hawaiian Kahuna masseuse so these are my personal preferences and what I personally believe is the way to go.

I like to simply use Sweet Almond oil, it is a light oil and close to the PH of the skin, so not interrupting the acid mantle of your skin or clogging pores. The skin is the largest elimination organ, and needs to be able to breathe, and when you are doing the style of work that I do, it brings toxins to the surface, physical and well as emotional. Even though Sweet Almond is more expensive than other oils, it is really worth the investment. If your partner has a nut allergy, depending on the severity of the allergy, they should be ok with Sweet Almond oil. I have massaged over 3000 bodies and not had any problems with allergies to the oil.

I am an advocate of the principle that you should only put on your skin what you would eat, because we know that the skin is the largest elimination organ, but it also absorbs into the body what ever we rub on to it.

I don’t like grape seed oil, I know it is very popular oil to use, however I find it to be thick and heavy and I’m not particularly keen on the smell. Never use mineral oil, it’s derived from petroleum and clogs the pores and disintegrates your skin’s natural oils. I know it is very cheap and easy to get hold of but when you use it regularly it actually will case your skin to dry out. So keep away from the skin.

People recommend warming the oil up by placing your oil bottle in a jug of hot water. If you are using Sweet Almond, this is not advisable. It is such a delicate oil, it can go rancid easily and you don’t want to put rancid toxic oil on your partners body to be absorbed into the blood stream. I store my sweet almond oil in the fridge in summer and winter a cool dark corner.

So give some thought about what oil you want to use. Next, I will discuss things you can do to make your massage space that bit more special.

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