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Can a massage make you pregnant?

Posted by on March 13, 2012

When you are thanked for making someone pregnant, you have to smile. At the end of the day the husband had a lot to do with the conception however the regular Kahuna massages simply supported her body to relax to be able to create the great miracle.

This is the second child the bodywork has helped this client with. The format that we used was, when she got her periods and knew she wasn’t pregnant she would come for her massage. A pleasurable “compensation” for not getting pregnant that month. She was of course disappointed not falling pregnant but was able to enjoy her favourite massage. It supported her body to detox and improve the circulation thus allowing her body to cleanse and relax, plus boosting her immune system and helping to regulate hormone production.

There is no scientific research to prove that massage increases fertility or your chances to become pregnant but studies have shown that having regular bodywork reduces anxiety. Stress being factor that could effect conception thus the regular massage theoretically could help increase your chance to conceive.

So if you lead a stressful life, and lets face it who doesn’t, why not give massage a go.

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