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Hawaiian Kahuna


Hawaiian Kahuna Massage or Lomi Lomi originates from Hawaii.

This style of massage has been handed down for many generations and was performed as part of many sacred ceremonies.
For thousands of years the Pacific cultures have developed their own unique ways of healing but this form of massage was only introduced to the wider world in the late 1980′s. Hawaiian Kahuna Massage blends ancient wisdom and modern thoughts to create another way to release and stimulate the flow of energy which promotes self-healing.

The basis of Hawaiian Kahuna Massage is the Mana dance, a spiritual and rhythmic dance, also known as “flying’. This helps to bring a powerful connection and grounded presence during your treatment whilst the masseuse is dancing with the naturally intuitive flow of your body.

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage is a gift that is given from the heart of the masseuse who must be fit, healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit; this will allow her to be the conduit for centuries of wisdom and healing.
Masseuses use their hands and forearms in long fluid strokes of varying degrees of intensity in a gentle rhythm up and along the entire body. Joint rotations are combined with the massage strokes which are powerful and healing. The masseuse is energised and focused throughout the treatment using synchronised movements and breathing, which allows her to “fly” over your body in a hypnotic trance.

This dynamic massage allows the release of physically held tensions and corresponding emotions. Thus promoting self-healing through the stimulated flow of energy.

Having being trained by a Maori who herself was trained by an Aboriginal healer the insight and spirituality of these cultures flows through the treatment.

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Soothes the body, nourishes the soul and fills the heart.