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 to Yorkshire Massage,

the home of Hawaiian Kahuna massage!

…a massage like no other…

The numerous benefits of receiving an Hawaiian Kahuna Massage will assist in many of the everyday complaints we all experience in daily lives:

Where they be physical or otherwise:
  Stimulates and stretches weak and tight muscles
 Alleviate the symptoms of lower back pain
 Relieves painful symptoms of sciatica
 Improve range of motion and joint flexibility
 Reduces cramping and muscle spasms
 Increases energy levels
 Stimulates the lymphatic drainage which supports the immune system
 Increases oxygen on the blood and improves circulation
 Increases serotonin levels (the happy hormone) reducing anxiety and depression

  Relieves symptoms of stress  and migraine pain
 Increase mental alertness and clarity
 Improves sleep patterns

          When is your next massage?